Sunday, October 17, 2010

No Soap on a Rope for Christmas!

Have you ever opened your stocking or a package on Christmas morning only to find that smelly old boring Soap-on-a-Rope from a well-meaning relative?  Now, not to be ungrateful, but come on, weren't we  all hoping for something a little more special?  Something more like these elegant mirrors?


When I found these images of vintage labels, I knew I had to make them into mirrors!  I had no idea what the words meant, other than "Violettes," but I was pretty sure they were French.    Now, since speaking French down here on the farm is about as useless as a sidesaddle on a boar hog, I went in search of someone to interpret the labels for me.  I didn't have to search long, because my friend, Trishia, over at French Kissed, popped into my mind.  She told me that "Savon Fin" means "Fine Soap," and "Savon Surfin" means "Superfine Soap," and that the labels and soaps had been created by the Remy Soap Factory of Paris.  That helped beaucoup (a lot)! 

So, if you're wanting to get that certain someone a special little gift or stocking stuffer that won't be disappointing, try one or two of these "fin" mirrors!  So elegant and a lot more useful than the 'ol soap-on-a-rope!

Merci beaucoup for stopping by!