Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Cottage Garden Party

Now, I know this isn't exactly Cottage Garden Party flowers, but I had to show them 'taters.  They're up and comin' along just fine. 

Not your regular flowers either, but still sweet ladies.  Besides, Hattie (the colorful one in the back) has feathers that would shine on any Cottage Garden Sunhat. 
The Chicken Condo
(Notice the Gazebo near the bush)
More spring flowers...oops...I mean spring crops (?)  The ladies are in full production now!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cottage Garden Party

Mr. Perkins is in love with that red flower!  He found her next door to the sweet Petunia Sisters under the shade of a lovely pink Azalea.  The flowers are a little wind-blown, but still so nice to see such pretty spring colors.  My oldest granddaughter, Lillie, helped me plant the petunias, and she wanted to make sure each one had a close neighbor so they could talk.  Miss Lanie, my youngest granddaughter, liked to go around and pick the blossoms!  We had to convince her that they were just babies and had to grow some before we pick them.
                    A lovely Bridal Wreath

Mrs. Henrietta, mother hen that she is, took it upon herself to guard the garlic.  She's training the little girls to to the same.

Can't forget my husband's baby tomatoes! 

Give it up, Mr. Perkins!

Although the Azaleas didn't put on the show that they have in years past, the ones that did bloom brought a soothing balm to winter-weary eyes, refreshed my spirit, and filled me with anticipation of the freshness and renewal that spring always brings.  The Lord truly blesses us with beauty in every season.

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