What the Heart Sees, by Kathleen Fuller

I was given the book, What the Heart Sees, from BookSneeze to read and write an honest review.  The book is a collection of Amish Romances from Kathleen Fuller.  It contains three individual stories:  "A Miracle for Miriam," "A Place of His Own," and "What the Heart Sees." 

Normally, I do not choose this type of book due to the nature of collections.  The stories are, of course, short; the plot tends to develop quickly; and then the story ends, most times leaving me wanting more information or story line.  This book holds true to that description.  The stories were sweet, but short. 

The first story began slowly with a lot of "thought processes" going on by the two main characters, Miriam and Seth.  About half way through, the actual "action" picked up and it became a pleasant read.   I did find the overuse of the Pennsylvania Dutch language a bit awkward and distracting. 

The second story was my favorite.  It started out quite mysterious and drew in my interest  quickly.  I liked the characters and events in this story.  It would have been nice if this story had been developed into a full novel.   The action had to happen quickly, and the plot was very predictable.  And then the story ended, leaving me wishing for more.   Could Ms. Fuller possibly write a sequal to this story?

The third story was interesting to me because one of the main characters, Ellie, was left blind from a tragic accident.   I truly enjoyed reading how Ellie managed to accomplish everyday activities and live a full life.  Ms. Fuller gave good insight into some of the struggles, keen sensitivities, and creativity of someone who is blind.  Although this story began slowly, it picked up and was quite enjoyable.

Overall, I did enjoy the stories, and the themes of forgiveness, acceptance, and love were woven through all the stories.   They also gave a nice picture into the lives of the Amish.  However, I was a little confused about the handling of prayer in the second story.  The characthers prayed out loud, and I have always been under the impression that all Amish pray silently. 

If you like stories about the Amish, and if you don't mind the shortness/quickness of the stories, this book would be great for you. 

I was not paid to review this book, only required to read it and give my honest opinion.