Monday, July 1, 2013

Pumpkin Pie on the Fourth of July!

Glory be, it's gettin' hot out there!  I walked out to the field garden to check on the watermelons to see if we might have one ready for the Fourth.
They're close, but not quite ripe.  
However, I did find something else that may be ready for the Fourth.
Big yellow-orange pumpkins!
 Seems these guys want to join in on the celebration!
We haven't ever had much luck growing pumpkins, and I don't know a lot about them, but aren't they supposed to be ready in October?
The watermelons and cantaloupes are coming along, but these orange melons have them beat.

Oh well, we'll have pumpkin pie on the Fourth of July and maybe we'll carve a watermelon for Halloween.
Just thought I'd throw in a picture of 'Ol Blue.  She's having a little rest while my husband repairs the engine. 


  1. Well I'm impressed ! We got two tomatoes so far and the cucumbers just aren't doing anything.
    Happy 4th to you !

  2. ohh you have word verification on, it usually takes me 2 or 3 tries and most people won't even bother when they see it ... if you turn it off it is much better (())

  3. Regina, I love pumpkin pie, that would be fine with me! Thank you for visiting my studio tour and your kind comments. I love your graphics, I have purchased some from you before. As I get back to creating, I will visit you again. Have a great weekend!

  4. sorry it took me so long to get back ...we had some 4th excitement. Word verification is when someone goes to post they have to copy a word and a set of numbers before the post will show. The problem is the words and numbers are VERY difficult to make out so a lot of people just won't bother. To fix, log in to blog, go to Design, on left toward bottom you will see
    Settings then Basic then Comments .. click on comments,scroll down and you will see Show Word Verification ... put NO in there. This makes it easier for people to post. I do have comment moderation on for mine so I can filter out Spam. HTH (())

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