Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring's Early Vist

Spring visited early this year!  My azaleas began blooming the end of January, and now they have come and gone.  In their place, is the lovely wisteria "tree" my husband planted and trained several years ago. 
Its lovely purple, grape-like blossoms fill the air with its special sweet fragrance.
Can't you just smell it?
It sits nestled in the shadow of the bare pecan trees in the front yard.
Hope as I may that Spring truly is here to stay, those pecan trees tell me a different story.  Its a well-known southern fact that spring may come to visit, but never stays until the tiny, tender green leaves burst forth on the bare branches of the old pecan trees.  
I check them almost daily, waiting to see the smallest hint of green. 

The buds are swollen, but patience must prevail; they come when they are ready.  Not a minute sooner.