Sunday, August 29, 2010


One full week of school successfully behind us…only 15 more to go until Christmas break…

The first week wasn’t too bad. Actually, it was very good. Most of the students didn’t really wake up until Thursday. Hopefully, they learned some things. I know I did.

On Monday during our Bible lesson I was teaching about the challenge of living up to God’s standards. As an example, I related an incident that happened to me that morning. When I was getting my coffee, I used the last of the cream in the creamer bowl. Knowing my husband would be wanting coffee when he got up, I reasoned that since he had much more time in the morning than I had, he could refill the creamer bowl (I hate refilling the creamer bowl). Suddenly, the words, “God’s Standards” flashed into my mind. Bummer. I reached down in the cabinet and retrieved the jar of creamer powder, and filled that creamer bowl.

As I told the story to the students, I stressed that it’s the LITTLE THINGS that trip us up sometimes. Putting others first is not always what we want to do; but if we are trying to live up to God’s standards, we will make the effort, even in the everyday little things.

Bible is the last period of the day, and by that time in the afternoon, most of the students were dozing off or staring glassy-eyed into space. A little frustrated that they weren’t hanging on my every word, I figured it was time to wind up the lesson and get ready to go home.

The following day as we were lining up for lunch, one of the boys,
who had been “staring off” during the previous day’s Bible lesson, started telling me about letting his brother borrow one of his favorite books.

“Uh huh,” I absent-mindedly murmured, still trying to get the line out the door to lunch.

As he proceeded out the door, he turned to me and said, “You know, Mrs. P., it was one of those “Little Things” you talked about.”

LESSONS LEARNED: Children hear what we say even when they’re “not paying attention!” And, Children really do want to do what is right.

August is almost over! Apple pickin’ time and Halloween are just around the corner! I have never embraced the pagan beliefs for which Halloween represents. However, I do like the innocent, traditional fun of children dressing up in cute costumes and enjoying a little “Trick or Treating” around the neighborhood. Therefore, I am offering a free Halloween image for you to use in your creative endeavors. Just right-click to save.

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