Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday--D is for Decorating for Christmas on the Farm!

The letter "D" is for "Decorating for Christmas on the Farm!"  Okay, it's a little early, but with all the pretty Christmas decorations that are beginning to appear in stores, it's easy to be tempted!  So, as a little early decoration, Cottonfieldfarm just listed several new Christmas buttons and magnets!  These little 2.25" pins are great to wear on your lapel, scarf, hat, or purse for an instant "Decoration" for the Christmas season!  Stick the magnets on your refrigerator for instant Christmas decoration in your kitchen! 
Pinback Buttons or Magnets!


  1. Cute buttons! What a great idea! Thanks for visiting my blog -- I'll be following along with you.

  2. I love Christmas but I am so not ready to think about decorating. Your buttons are cute! I am following you now.

  3. love the buttons. i am so getting christmas buttons soon. love your blog, thanks for your visit...blessings...s...

  4. Cute! It may be too early to actually start decorating, but that doesn't mean we can get planning!

  5. Such cute buttons!


  6. This is such an adorable idea. I love these as little gifts to put in cards and you could even make the card design integrate the button.

    Thanks for this happy little link to Alphabe-Thursday.

    You made me smile.