Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Composed in a Cottonfield

It was a hot day in the cotton fields of Oklahoma in the 1920's.  As Albert E. Brumley struggled on picking cotton, he began to sing
a popular song of the day, "If I Had the Wings of an Angel."  As he sang, he begin to think how much he would like to "fly away" from that cotton field.  Suddenly, the inspiration hit him, and he composed the song, "I'll Fly Away" right out there in the cotton field with the hot sun shining down on him! The song was published a few years later in 1932 and became a hit.  It's amazing how God works through us to turn not so pleasant circumstances into something so beautiful and inspiring.  What started out as a desire to escape a hot afternoon in a cotton field ended up an inspiring hymn about flying away, "to a land on God's celestial shore, " "where joys shall never end." 

This story comes from Robert J. Morgan's book, Then Sings My Soul, Special Edition.  I have written a full review of his book for BookSneeze.  To see the full review, click here.


  1. What a beautiful story! There are lots of times I think I'd like to fly away... :O)

  2. I have been thinking about you and went to look you up when I saw that I was not a follower. I was surprised, but it's fixed now.
    I love that story about Albert Brumbley. I never knew that, but I am familiar with the song. God does work in ways we will never understand, but certainly should have our hearts open to whatever comes our way. I hope 2011 is being good to you, please don't be a stranger, Char

  3. Always interesting to learn where/how inspiration comes from and the back stories to things. thanks for sharing ! hope you are stayin' warm.