Monday, January 16, 2012

January Gardening

Is this January?  
Wal-Mart has flip-flops and sunscreen on sale already!
My husband plowed the garden to get ready for the potatoes.
I have apples on my apple tree!
Seems like January always sets my heart and mind on spring planting and warmer weather.  This year I had a little help when my husband picked our last ripe tomato just before the freeze last week.
This is an heirloom called, "Brandywine."

This Granny Smith apple tree bloomed around September, not last spring when it was supposed to.  I call these apples gifts from God since this tree is supposed to be bare this time of year!

With stores stocking spring clothing, seed catalogs arriving in the mail, and apples on my apple tree, I'm starting to get the gardening itch.  It's so nice snuggling up with a steaming hot cup of coffee, in a warm house on a January morning with temperatures outside dipping down to the mid 60's (hey, it's Florida here), dreaming of things to come:
like my spring flower garden...beautiful yellow squash blossom,
...melons on the vine...
 ...more bounty from the garden...

Headin' to the field on the 'Ol Gray Mare.
 Summer garden in full swing...
Sweet corn and snake beans...
Peaches from the orchard...
And of course, puttin' it all up.

Red Geranium from my husband's mother.  
 Another flower from my mother-in-law, this sweet-scented Phlox is one of my favorites.

Remembering all the bounty of the coming spring helps warm us up a bit on those cold January days!  Thank the Lord for all He gives us, including the time spent indoors in January, resting and preparing for the work to come.  


  1. Hi Regina....
    What fabulous gardens you have! Our yard is the size of a postage stamp and so I envy good sized yards that can have nice veggie garden!
    I have been hungry for watermelon and so seeing yours hiding among the vines made me want it even more!!! :)
    Our winter has been so mild. We have some snow on the ground, but we have rain moving in this afternoon and so it will all disappear until the next snow storm. I am so ready to throw open the windows and hear the birds sing and plant and water and sit on the porch and read!
    Have a wonderful week, sweet friend!
    ♥ Jil

  2. Oh what a beautiful garden! Wish I had a fresh tomato sandwich right about now. :)