Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gift of Love and Mother's Day

Husbands try hard but often do not have a clue when it comes to purchasing gifts for their wives.  They are notorious for choosing such "personal and romantic" items as toasters or vacuum cleaners for holidays or anniversaries.  I've even heard of a fella who for some unknown reason thought his wife would just love a new outboard motor for Christmas!  My husband (bless his heart) bought an iron for me one Christmas and a crock pot for another holiday.  I'm guessing he thinks as long as I have the right tools to keep him neat and fed, then I will be happy. He tries.
Well, a few weeks ago, my husband outdid himself.  I came home from work one afternoon, and he had that "little boy who just got into the cookie jar" look, so I knew something was up.  He invited me out to the workshop to see what he had bought for me.  Oh, how sweet, I thought, and it wasn't even my birthday!  
He led me to the shop and proudly pointed out his "gift of love."
 A brand new, muscle-powered (no wasting of gas like the tiller)
garden cultivator.
Oh, I said.  That's nice.
He continued to explain the benefits of such a fine piece of machinery.  It fits easily between the rows.  It's just my size.  And the biggie:  I won't have to wait for him to till the garden anymore (see how thoughtful he is).
Okay, to be honest, he knows how much I like gardening and old things, so I have to give him some credit. 
It really is a pretty contraption.
Yesterday I thought I would give the new plow a try.  When I pushed it down the row between the snake beans and peas, it turned the weeds and soil amazingly well. 
 Hmmm...I decided this was fun.  I continued along the row, turning at the end to come back down the row.  After about 8 trips up and down the 50 foot row, I had a nice, clean tilled pathway.  Only 11 more rows to go.  

It wasn't bad once I got the hang of it.  I only dropped it on three pea plants.  I only plowed up 4 corn stalks.  I only skinned one knuckle when I passed the post holding the sprinkler head.  I only got one busted blister.
AND, the best part was, it only took me four more hours to finish tilling the whole garden (and saving all that gas). 
This morning I realized another benefit of my husband's love gift.
I no longer need the treadmill (Maybe my husband will sell it and buy me a thoughtful gift for Mother's Day). 

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  1. LOL that is to funny! He sure knows how to get out of chores:) Hey it is a great way to get exercise and more fun than a treadmill if you asked me.