Monday, May 28, 2012

A Day on the Farm Canning Memories

What a pleasant, productive day on the farm!  Hubby and I hit the floor running.  I fixed Mom's famous cheese biscuits and then went out to feed the chickens and pick beans.  Daughter Shelly was coming up with the grandgirls to a day of canning and jelly making.  We had already canned 21 quarts, but the beans have been coming so fast, we had to drop everything and do it again.
  Hubby and I kept passing each other between the house and shop.  He was setting up the propane burner while I was filling jars with snake beans.  Shell and the girls got here as Hubby took the jars out to the shop to process and I was picking more beans.  Shell took over that job, 

and I came in the house to fix the little ones' jelly biscuits and start snapping beans.  Shelly finally came in and we sat a while snapping the rest of the beans.  Then off to wash them and fill more jars for Hubby. 
Finally, after 3 batches of beans, we had a quick lunch.
Lillie and Lanie got into my vintage jewelry and came dressed in their finest to a luncheon of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

  After a little rest, we thought we would treat the girls (and us) to a little swim time, splashing and relaxing in the water.  

Finally, we decided we better get started on the strawberry jelly.  After two batches, we ran out of sugar and pectin.  Shell went to the store but they had sold out of pectin!  We decided to freeze the remainder of the strawberries and call it a day!

We canned a lot of beans and sweet jelly for the winter, but more than that, we canned a lot of precious memories!


  1. good morning or afternoon? im hosting a blog on tuesday's and the whole purpose is sharing with others...are not many people out of holland most of my friends are from the usa...will love that you join...thank you if you do..friendship is something the lord wants from us...blessings

  2. Wow! You really got a good crop! The grandgirls are so cute! They must really love coming over to Grandma's farm!
    It's wonderful to have the beans and jam and a freezer full of fruit and veggies! And fun teaching the children how it's done!
    Hope your summer is sweet, you are making great memories!