Friday, June 8, 2012

Girl Power for Father's Day!

I'm guessing that most any mother would be proud of her children and probably think they are just geniuses.  I'm no exception!  Yesterday my daughter, granddaughters and I went on a country road trip to a farm not too far away in Lillian, AL.  We were on a mission to purchase another bushel of corn.  Couldn't be just any kind of corn.  It had to be "Silver King."  Now Silver King is the kind we have growing in five rows of our garden, but for some reason this year, it is not looking very productive.  So no worries, there's so many farms close by, we decided it would be a nice day trip to just go farm hopping and buy some.  We found a charming family farm here called Cassebaum Family Farm.  
 We purchased our corn and headed on to Elberta to find a place to eat.  On the way, we found another farm with blueberries for sale. We stopped and decided to pick some berries with the girls.  We hadn't planned on this, and believe me, the Lord had blessed us with lots of blueberries, and LOTS of sunshine.  We were dripping wet by the time we paid for our berry delights.  
We jumped into the car and drove west to Foley, AL, a beautiful little town in lower Alabama.  It sits north of Gulf Shores, AL, on Highway 59.  We visit Foley and these other little towns several times a year for antiquing trips and festivals, so we felt at home.  We found the little Pharmacy, called Stacey's Drug Store, which looks to be the original soda shop/pharmacy from back in the 30's or 40's.  Gracious, this little place is so full of antique ice-cream parlor charm!  They have the original soda fountain, a player piano, juke box, and a model train running all around the top edge of the room.  They even have 10 cent coffee!  I had to sample it, and it was delicious!    
After eating a delicious lunch and ice cream at Stacey's, we headed back to Pensacola.  We had had a most wonderful day, but we still had all that corn to put up!  
Now for the proud mother part.  On the way home, my daughter informed me that she was going to build a lounge chair for her hubby for father's day.  I didn't blink too much because this gal of mine has a history of tackling any kind of job.  And my oldest granddaughter is just like her...has to be right there in the middle of everything.

 Shelly promised me more pictures to come as she progresses along, so stay tuned.  Here is the second picture:
Here's more!
She got 'er done (with a little extra help)!
Can you see that drill gun smoking?
It was a breeze!

From start to finish, 3 1/2 hours!

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